I wrote a poem and actually felt like sharing.Put it in a readmore because it’s both depressing and wordy.

How Dare You

How dare you?

How dare you do this to me?

How dare you wound me so?

How dare you leave me bleeding on the floor and then laugh it off?

How dare you maim me, mutilate me, torture me, subjugate me, enslave me; and then cry and moan and scream of how you are the victim?

How dare you knowingly, willfully violate me and then call me a monster?

How dare you tell me how you wish you could hate me, when I was already so full of hate for myself because of what you did?

How dare you vilify me when all I ever wanted was to be loved?

How dare you turn my friends against me for crimes you committed ten times as much as me?

How dare you get away with it, when I’m left almost alone?

My mouth does not move,

My voice makes no sound,

There are not tears on my face or in my eyes,

But take one look into those very eyes and you can hear me,

And I am screaming at the top of my lungs,

How fucking dare you?!

Fuck you.

Fuck your pretty eyes and your goofy smile.

Fuck your cute outfits, your insufferable dog, your atrocious hygiene.

Fuck your sexy legs, your sexy voice, and the sexy way you were your nice little outfits.

And fuck you so much for what you do to the only one who stuck by me.

The only one who would still love me.

After all you’ve done, you have the gall to try to demonize me to them and then complain when you get told off for it.

As if the wrongs you’ve done don’t matter.

As if you’re a better person now.

I used to weep at your loss.

Then I wept at your memory.

Now I weep in mourning for the innocence you took from me.

And behind close doors, when only the one that you cannot take from me can see, I still weep.

And my eyes still scream.

How dare you?