its interesting how people will look at oppressed groups using a safe space to release frustration in a healthy way and think “HOLY SHIT THEY WANT TO MURDER ALL PRIVILEGED PEOPLE”

A healthy way? A HEALTHY WAY? Um, making blogs about how you hate cisgender people is not a healthy way to vent. If someone made a blog about how they hate trans people shots would be fired because “yOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO JUDGE WE’RE SO OPPRESSED CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE GO DIE YOU’RE SO DISGUSTING”. All of this for being comfortable with your gender. That is not healthy.

lmao—you lost, little transphobe…?

everytime someone describes cis as being comfortable with your own gender a puppy dies. i am comfortable with my own gender. my gender just happens to not be the one some doctor slapped me with before i was even out of the womb.


eminem has 2 different songs that he rehashes over and over. one song is supposed to be funny and he uses an annoying nasal voice and talks about “topical” issues like which currently famous female he hates and then his other song which is supposed to be serious and he uses an annoying overly aggressive tone and talks about “personal” issues like which female in his life he currently hates. both songs suck.

It’s sort of like showing up to Thanksgiving having said you’d bring green bean casserole, except you brought a single green bean on a paper plate. Even though this will obviously not feed any of the other guests and barely counts as a green bean casserole, you sneer at those who are protesting, telling them that they never specified what a green bean casserole is and besides that, they’re being whiny babies.

You wave the single limp green bean in the air and tell them that it’s obvious they’ll never be happy, that they’re complaining for the sake of complaining and that it’s no wonder they don’t get to eat quality green bean casserole because nobody wants to share green bean casserole with such an aggressive and unfriendly group.

In other words, making a character bisexual only to immediately write them out of the show makes me feel like shoving a green bean up someone’s nose.

Kate from Autostraddle on queerbaiting (via yourmediahasproblems)

(Source: bisexual-books)


stop. calling yourselves bronies. just because you like the same cartoon and fandom shit that they do. You don’t have to. It’s not the scarlet letter. Nobody is branding it onto your foreheads as soon as you realize you love ponies. You can love whatever you want without conforming to any particular social group.

It does not mean "person who likes my little pony" it’s a stupid meme name created by 4chan to mean “person who likes my little pony but identifies as so male that they feel insecure about it if they can’t insert a bro in there.”

That’s like if someone came up with “girlocks” to describe little girls who like Sherlock Holmes but were worried doing so made them too masculine. Or like if bald people who liked homestuck got together and called themselves “domestucks” because it was really important that you knew they were also bald or we had the term “whitans” for white people who like “Attack on Titan” or I don’t know fucking “handwiches” for people who really love sandwiches and also own hands and think those two unrelated things make them so unique that they get angry if you tell them how arbitrary and ridiculous it sounds


Making processed foods more expensive won’t “fix obesity”

But it will make more people homeless when they can’t pay their rent

It will cause more people to freeze to death inside their own homes when they can’t pay their oil bill

It will give people food poisoning because all their food is rotting in their fridge because their power is gone (and guess who can afford medical bills and time off work? Not the people who can’t afford power!)

"Make processed foods more expensive" is basically the same thing as "starve poor people" please stop spreading it as a solution

There are already people who can’t afford food, they don’t need more prohibitively expensive food


reality tv show where they take out trans and non binary people and buy them a whole new wardrobe to help them feel comfortable and fit their representation


I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.


I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.





How to balance a checkbook

why is this on my dash. what the fuck im not 40 

Honestly you should start doing this when you start working.

this is brilliant



Language preservation is a radical anti-colonialist act. 



i have made a post like this but here it goes *deep breath*: 


it is when a child of one ethnicity is adopted by parents of another ethnicity.

white people just hijacked this term from adoptees and are using it for their racist motives. ‘transethnic’ is a real term. you’re just using it wrong. 

^Individuals who grasp this simple fact reaaaally shouldn’t be as rare as they are.